Our Story

Mark and Noah have the perfect treat tray filled with McArthur’s Bakery gooey butter and brownies.

The Pioneer Bakery and Café is a joint effort between McArthur’s Bakery and Lafayette Industries aimed to provide the most robust fast-casual training program focusing on Front of House and Back of House skills for adults with intellectual disabilities. Taking from McArthur’s 64 years of bakery experience and Lafayette Industries 44 years employing and training adults with disabilities, The Pioneer Bakery and Café will provide high quality bakery, beverage and food products with an emphasis on empowering and training.

The Pioneer Bakery and Café is a setting for adults with intellectual disabilities to receive extensive training and support programs, with the goal of maximizing their abilities to be successful in a productive and professional work environment. Training focuses on front of house processes, including safe food handling, use of the Point of Sale system and ordering supplies, and back of house processes, including proper food preparation techniques, icing and finishing desserts, and inventory control. Employees have the opportunity to complete their ServSafe Certification, while also receiving support programs aimed beyond job skills focusing on employee health, social skills and more. 

The Pioneer Bakery and Café offers a robust and sophisticated food and beverage menu. Leaning on the tried and true favorites from McArthur’s including gooey butter cake, stollens and cookies, The Pioneer will also have the McArthur’s full suite of cake offerings and holiday specials and an exciting menu of artisanal pastries, bread and a fresh menu of breakfast and brunch items!   

“Baking New Beginnings”

The simplest of missions for The Pioneer Bakery Café in Kirkwood, MO.  We will focus on providing, with the support of Lafayette Industries’ StepUp program, a comprehensive training program including practical bakery café skills and soft personal skills. Our goal is to teach our trainees the skills they need to obtain a job in a similar fast-casual setting.  

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